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The Pump Company has spent over 25 years perfecting the well rehabilitation process in Phoenix, AZ. Back in the day, all well rehab was done with a cable tool rig, brush, and swab. With today's oil field technology, we have implemented many of the well cleaning methods used every day. The cable tool method of cleaning will do a great job of shining the inside of the casing, but if you are after a true well rehabilitation, you have to get to the outside of the casing into the annular space. It is important to clean the gravel pack, and into the alluvial fill behind the casing. The only way to achieve this is to stimulate with a combination of high pressure air, hydrochloric acid, and corrosion inhibitors. In the Phoenix basin for instance, we have a calcium and salt problem. The calcium can build up in the casing to a point that the perforations can be completely plugged up. Scratching and brushing can partially remove the buildup on the inside of the casing, and with a video survey it will look like a good job has been performed. What you don't see remains on the outside of the casing, and the back side of the perforations. We have found that hydrochloric acid will break down the calcium and the salts if it is administered in the correct manner. Calculating the mass of the standing water in the well, and injecting the correct percentage of hydrochloric acid with corrosion inhibitors is a must. Hydrochloric acid must be agitated to activate the chemical reaction.
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We have developed, machined, and manufactured special tooling to introduce the chemical with high pressure air into the annular space through the perforations, at any level in the well that we choose. A slow rotation brush cleans the inside of the well in a circular motion, as well as up and down. This process can take up to 24 hours to complete properly, and re-activation of the acid can be necessary in wells that have massive buildup due to years of neglect. Rehabilitation done properly can increase the well yield as much as 60-70% in wells that are significantly plugged, and have had no attention for long periods of time. With the cost of new well drilling in today's market place, it is now cost effective to rehabilitate old wells. The average price of a commercial 16" well drilled to 1000' is $300,000.00 dollars. The average cost of a rehab project on the same well will run between $10,000.00 and $15,000.00 if done correctly. We also have the equipment to install steel casing liners up to 36" to a depth of 1500'. There are times that a liner is needed if the original casing is rotted to the point that it cannot be patched. If a liner is installed properly, a 50-year old 20" well can have a 16" liner installed, and be as good as new for another 50 years

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